WaaS® platform

50OMS Order Management System

  • Intelligent management of orders from multiple channels
  • Compatible with multiple owners and a variety of businesses
  • Full life circle tracking of orders
  • Omni-channel unified cargo management
  • Big data-based intelligent decision

50WMS Warehouse Management System

  • Support to omni-channel businesses
  • Support to completion/BOM management
  • Intelligent recommendation of strategies for warehouse operations
  • Field monitoring with “Digital warehouse management”
  • Barcode and paperless management throughout the whole process
  • Fast docking with WCS

50TMS Transportation Management System

  • Transparent and visible whole processes of warehousing & distribution with the integration of IoT
  • Intelligent planning and scheduling to save transportation cost
  • Integration of labor work and distribution, unified management of the whole transportation businesses
  • Diversified transport capacities management to support both logistics and express delivery

50BMS Operating Effectiveness Management System

  • Flexibly accounting and reconciliation to improve the efficiency of account checking
  • Efficiency management to achieve lean labor managementOperation conditions
  • Forecast to provide profit information in real time