With ten years of professional accumulation, Warehouse in Cloud ceremoniously launches its warehousing big data cloud platform to provide standardized and customized data services with the city as the unit. It’s the only warehousing big data platform designated by China Association of Warehousing and Distribution for cooperation, and is committed to building a bridge between customers and the market in a long term, helping customers to accurately grasp the industry dynamics

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Hou JieExpert Researcher, Data Research Institute

Hou Jie is a research expert of warehousing industry, master of Cardiff University, and has been organizing the compilation of the annual China Warehousing and Distribution Industry Development Report for years.

Li XiaofangSenior Researcher, Data Research Institute

Li Xiaofang is good at writing warehousing and logistics market analysis reports, has macro environment and data in-depth analysis ability, and has participated in a number of large-scale logistics real estate park planning projects.