“Smart Cube” is an integrated lightweight product for comprehensive management customized for logistics parks and factory parks by WULIANYIDA by virtue of its all-round sci-tech capacities and platform resources and by giving full play to the coordinated advantages of cloud tube edge end. The software-hardware integrated product form, new generation of networking mode SD-WAN/5G private network and the management system for intelligent parks enable the administrators to carry out digital management over park operation safely and conveniently, as easy as using mobile phones, so as to enhance the internal operation and management efficiency of parks, realize added values and profits, and maintain the sustainable competitive advantage of parks.

Product Features

Cost decreasing and benefit increasing

SD-WAN/5G private network, integration of network safety and compliance
Reduce the cost on operation & maintenance

Plug and Play

Open for use within 10 days, and put on line within 1 month

Convenience for Expansion of Devices

Massive intelligent devices
Support to dock with various scenes

Safe & Convenient

Convenient and movable
Remote operation & maintenance
Keep data safe within the Park

Core Functions and LiveApp

Visible Operation
Twinning 3D data reflect the physical warehouse accurately
Visible operation dynamics and cargo conditions in warehouse
Green & Low-carbon
Dynamic monitoring on energy consumption, carbon emission and new energies in the park
Promote the green and low-carbon sustainable development of the Park
One-click for Business Attraction
100+ channel managers + warehouses in cloud off line
One-click for precision business attraction through linkage between platforms
Epidemic Prevention & Control
Connections between the health code platforms of all provinces and cities
Support the Park for precision epidemic prevention & control
Assist with the tracing to sources and responsibilities of epidemics
Positive Security Guard & Protection
One map for park security monitoringSupervision from passive to positive
Intelligent Platform
High-efficiency synchronization of platform resources
Whole-process logistics information synchronization
One-step solution to queue, jam and chaos
Easy Passage
Advance appointment for Park entry within 3 seconds
Open up the gates of sidewalk and car ways on the site
Intelligent passage control
Intelligent Response to Emergencies
Emergency disposal access of fire protection, weather and incidents in the Park
Enhance safety management of Park
Digital Property Management
Property management digitalization
Reduce the operation cost of property management
Enhance the efficiency of property management
Value-added Services
Consumables recycling and leasing, labor services, decoration services, car charging, etc.
Create value-added service system of Park

Product Structure