FY WarehouseDigital warehousing service

FY TransportationDigital Distribution Service

FY ExpressDigital Delivery Service


Service disconnection due to
multipleservice providers' involvement
and manyproblems between links

Difficulties in management due
to varying service capabilities of
service providers in different regions

Difficulties in optimization of warehouse
network operations due to fragmented
operational data between warehouses

Service Capability

Algorithm-driven accurate warehouse

Flexible solution for peak use of warehouse

Value realization of temporarily idle warehouse area

Scientific, transparent and efficient management system

Service Structure


Complicated transportation & distribution
business, and difficulties in control of
multiple carriers

Difficulties in meeting the transport
& distribution needs due to varying
quality of transport capacity

The transportation and distribution network
is difficult to play its effective value due to
the breakage of logistic chain

Service Capability

Exclusive asset-light capacity pool

Digital integrated warehouse & distribution

Consulting-style management consulting service

Solution Architecture


Small batch scattered delivery,
and low bargaining power

Low performance efficiency due to separated
links of storage, transportation & distribution,
and end express

Constant complaints due to difficulties
in matching customer demand in
delivery/receipt time

Service Capability

Centralized collection & distribution of express & logistics

Efficient linkage of supply chain

Micro-warehouses enhance the end delivery experience

Solution Architecture