Price Trend Chart and Storage Data of the Warehouse in China

Demand intensity area in demand

SaaS System

SaaS System

Independently developed logistics SaaS system, through WaaS platform to fully unify the management of the order - warehouse - transportation and distribution - settlement of the whole chain of logistics operations scenarios, using the Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies with a high degree of industry development, to help customers realize the digital management of supply chain warehousing logistics.

50OMS, 50WMS , 50TMS, 50BMS
50PMS + eSensor

Digital Operation

Digital Operation

The platform warehousing resources + logistics SaaS system + professional operation and management service team provides customers with one-stop, standardization of light and heavy combination, digital warehousing and distribution services, helping customers manage many third-party warehousing and logistics service providers.

Extensive implementation experience in the nationwide warehouses network that can be opened in a 7-day

Multiple double 11 promotion tests, single warehouse single-day order processing more than one million orders.

Distribution networks covering 99%+ of the country's district and county

80 central warehouses nationwide

2,000+ trunk and branch distribution networks

Data and Consulting

Data & Planning Consultation

Relying on the massive data of Warehouse in Cloud, powerful data mining ability and rich research experience in the warehousing and logistics industry, we provide warehousing big data, planning consulting and other services around the logistics park to help the industry development and enterprise upgrading.